The Best Hurricane Impact Windows

the best hurricane impact window, The Best Hurricane Impact Windows

The best hurricane impact windows of the highest quality can mean the difference between your home suffering only a little damage during a strong storm and being completely devastated by penetrating wind and water, which can cause structural damage and even collapse.

Here’s your guide to the greatest impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, for your home when it comes to selecting the best ones for your needs. 

What characterizes the best hurricane impact window?

Hurricane windows are specially engineered to endure high-pressure and high-impact forces without shattering under extreme conditions. They’re particularly well suited for hurricane-prone areas as well as areas of the country’s interior where high-speed straight-line winds can cause significant damage. The use of hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, can increase the level of protection against break-ins and house invasions.

When it comes to hurricane windows, the layer of plastic or polymer material sandwiched between the two panes of glass is the most significant component to consider. Laminated glass is the term used to describe this. In comparison to regular laminated glass, this laminated layer has a tear strength up to five times greater than that of standard laminated glass. It stops the window from breaking and prevents wind, glass, and other debris from entering the home as a result. Windshields for automobiles are made of a similar type of glass.

How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost? How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost?

When it comes to the most common size, the average cost of a hurricane window is $62 per square foot, or around $1,085 per window on average. This figure can vary significantly based on the manufacturer from whom you are purchasing your windows, as well as the size and style of your windows.

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