Non Impact Windows, Non Impact Windows
Non Impact Windows, Non Impact Windows

Non Impact Windows

Impact Windows: Impact windows have a frame that can be made from steel or aluminum. The glass in an impact window will break into small pieces when it hits something hard enough to cause damage. This type of window has been around for many years but was not very popular until recently because they were more expensive than standard windows. However, with new technology, these types of windows are now much less costly than other options on the market today. They also look great!

Non Impact Windows: These windows are usually made out of vinyl or plastic. There may be some metal reinforcement inside the window as well. Because there isn’t any real structure behind the glass, this type of window does not hold up against strong winds like impact windows do. It’s important to note that if you live in a hurricane zone, then your insurance company might require you to install impact windows instead of non-impact ones.

What is the difference between impact-resistant windows and doors and non-impact-resistant (regular) windows and doors?

The four most significant distinctions between impact windows and non-impact windows are the cost, the aesthetic, the convenience, and the time commitment.

While comparing the two, there are numerous variations, but the four most important considerations to make when deciding between the two are: cost, appearance, convenience, and the responsibility of time. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a purchase decision.

Non Impact Windows and Doors in the Standard Configuration

Benefits – Cost savings 


The increased expense of shutters to comply with the Florida Building Code’s appearance requirements
Installation and removal of shutters are subject to strict timing constraints.
There is no noise reduction.
Storage space for shutters is required.

The Advantages of Impact Windows and Doors
Noise reduction
Appearance is really stunning.
Protection Peace of mind. Almost impossible for an intruder to break
There is no requirement for shutters.
Savings on insurance and energy bills are possible.


Initial Investment is more than non impact windows. Impact resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand damage from impacts. They are usually made of thicker glass than regular windows and doors, which makes them heavier. These windows and doors are typically more expensive because they require more materials and manufacturing processes.

Finally, we’ll conclude

Impact windows are investments made for the protection and safety of our families and homes. They improve the value of your house too. Yes, they are more expensive upfront but over time they prove to be a great investment and will return dividends in case of a hurricane and the increased value of your home.


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