double hung windows, Double Hung Windows
double hung windows, Double Hung Windows

Best Hurricane Impact Windows

double hung windows, Double Hung Windows

Storm Strong Double Impact Windows

All-Energy Star criteria are met or exceeded with the 6500 double hung windows.

The following are the key features of the 6500 double Hung Impact Window.

Double-strength Insulated glass 7/8″ thick with argon gas standard for UV and thermal protection.

Our Window has a system of non-metallic spacers that saves energy and its thermal performance and energy efficiency are exceptional.

Maintains window clarity for a longer period of time, minimizing condensation.

What is a Double Hung Window, and how does it work?

A double-hung window, also known as a double-sash window, is a type of window that has two moveable sashes that slide up and down in order to open and close. The top sash and the bottom sash are the two primary moveable elements of a double-hung window; the other is the casement. They both have the ability to open in order to offer ventilation. Warm air is able to exit through the top sash opening due to the fact that heat rises, whereas cold air from the outside is able to flow through the bottom sash opening to assist in providing enhanced comfort. These characteristics make them a good alternative for two-story residences.

What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

The term “hurricane windows” is a little deceptive in this context. In addition to those who live in hurricane-prone locations, there are many more people who can benefit from impact resistant windows. Impact windows also improve safety by reducing noise and increasing intrusion resistance, among other things. Burglars flee as soon as they attempt to smash one of these windows and understand that it will not be broken easily. When their tiny children are playing in front of a large picture window, their parents are not concerned. And residents are amazed at how much of the noise from the outside world has been eliminated from their homes. Impact windows are an excellent approach to assist decrease damage caused by heavy thunderstorms, which can produce harmful wind conditions. Storms of this nature can strike at any moment and from any location. There is no substitute for the peace of mind that a homeowner who has installed impact windows can have at night.

If you want your home to have a greater chance of surviving a storm, you should install high-impact windows.

In order to obtain impact resistance in windows and doors, the most popular method is to choose a product that has laminated glass. Laminate glass is made up of two pieces of glass that are glued together with a strong, clear interlayer to form one solid pane of glass. Typically, “laminated insulating glass” is composed of two panes of glass that are bonded together with a strong, clear interlayer, followed by an airspace and finally, a third pane of glass that provides additional insulation. The area between the second and third pieces of glass is filled with air or another gas in order to limit heat transfer between the two pieces of glass.

There are two basic types of impact windows, which differ in terms of how much impact resistance they provide (i.e.

You’re looking for (in terms of likelihood of shattering):

An impact window that is built for small missile (projectile) strikes is one form of impact window. PVB windows are made up of many layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that are sandwiched between two sheets of tempered safety glass. Afterwards, the glass is placed in an autoclave at a temperature of at least 600 degrees Celsius under high pressure in order to temper the glass and increase its strength.

The other sort of impact window is meant to withstand more powerful missile strikes. PET laminated glass and glass-clad polycarbonate are the terms used to describe these types of windows. A structural silicone sealant is used to join the windows to their frames in the vast majority of cases.

Hurricane resistant windows, also known as storm-proof windows, are made of impact-resistant glass that contains a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between two slabs of clear glass. The inner-membrane window is the most effective form of impact resistant window on the market. When an impact-resistant glass is broken, it will most likely shatter, but it will remain linked to the inner membrane as well as the frame of the window frame. Another option is to cover window glass with a shatter-resistant film, which will prevent the glass from shattering in the first place.

What is considered a Good Hurricane Impact Window?

Hurricane windows are specially engineered to endure high-pressure and high-impact forces without shattering under extreme conditions. They’re particularly well suited for hurricane-prone areas as well as areas of the country’s interior where high-speed straight-line winds can cause significant damage. The use of hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, can increase the level of protection against break-ins and house invasions.

When it comes to hurricane windows, the layer of plastic or polymer material sandwiched between the two panes of glass is the most significant component to consider. Laminated glass is the term used to describe this. In comparison to regular laminated glass, this laminated layer has a tear strength up to five times greater than that of standard laminated glass. It stops the window from breaking and prevents wind, glass, and other debris from entering the home as a result. Windshields for automobiles are made of a similar type of glass.

What is Double Hung Windows?

If you are planning to install new windows in your home, you must know what is double hung windows. Double hung windows are more energy efficient than single-hung windows. They can be sealed tightly and yet offer easy ventilation, reducing your dependence on home heating and cooling systems. In addition, they can include low-E glass and fiberglass elements, increasing energy efficiency. You can learn more about this type of window in this article.

Tip-in design

If you want to open and close your windows more easily, then you might want to consider a double-hung window. Its sashes are adjustable, which means you can clean all sides of the window without having to worry about blocking the air flow. And most new double-hung window models feature a unique tip-in design that lets you easily clean all surface areas. These windows are generally more expensive than single-hung windows.

Double-hung windows have two operable sashes, one on top and one on the bottom. The sashes are held in place by counterweights, springs, and friction. The sashes tilt inward to allow air to enter the home and escape from the top pane. They are also easy to clean from the inside, and their classic style makes them an excellent choice for any home.

Tilt-in design

A Double Hung window is a traditional style that meets sophisticated design expectations while providing maximum ventilation options. The sashes of this window tilt inward to let in fresh, warm air while securely closing to remain thermally efficient during cold days. The windows are commonly found in more upscale homes, as they offer ample ventilation options and a tilt-in design that allows you to easily clean the exterior from the inside. Most double hung windows also include a removable full-screen.

When purchasing a double-hung window, make sure you choose one with the tilt-in design. This window style is very popular and is often associated with an old-fashioned look. Single-hung windows have a fixed sash and can only be opened from the outside. Single-hung windows have a hinged lower sash and a stationary upper sash, which can be difficult to reach to clean the inside.

Two operable sashes

The double sash feature of double hung windows allows the homeowner to open the window by sliding up the bottom sash and down the top sash. This design offers greater ventilation, is safer for children, and has fewer moving parts than single-hung windows. The only downside to double hung windows is that they do not have the same energy efficiency as single-hung windows. Regardless of whether or not you choose this design, it is sure to add curb appeal to your house.

In addition to being more versatile, double hung windows are easier to clean than single-hung windows. They can be used on both first and second floors, which is particularly important in homes with multiple levels. Additionally, because double-hung windows have two operable sashes, they can work with different frame materials. However, they require the highest-quality frames. Therefore, the higher-cost double-hung windows are more difficult to break into.

Energy efficiency

Double-hung windows are the most common types of window in residential homes. They feature top and bottom sashes that are moveable. They are often more energy-efficient than single-hung windows, and provide better circulation of air in your home. They look nearly identical to single-hung windows, and are usually found in the same areas of the house. They can be customized with various colors and window hardware to make them look their best.

In order to determine their energy efficiency, window manufacturers hire a nonprofit NFRC accredited lab to simulate the windows’ thermal performance. The window units with the lowest and highest computer simulations are physically tested to determine whether they are actually energy-efficient. To verify the results of computer simulations, an independent NFRC-licensed inspection agency also randomly selects window units from a manufacturing floor as test samples. In order to obtain the highest possible score, the window unit must have a U-value of less than ten percent lower than the simulated values.


If you’re thinking about installing new double hung windows in your home, here are a few things you should know about them. Double-hung windows are often equipped with locking hardware at the top of the window frame, which keeps it securely in place. You may want to purchase a window with a vibration sensor to give your home extra protection. These sensors alert you if someone tries to force a window open, and they can be installed in areas where the windows are likely to be vulnerable to break-ins.

A double-hung window is generally secured by a half-moon lock. However, this lock may not be the safest option for double-hung windows, as a simple tool can pry open this lock. If you’re buying double-hung windows, you should consider investing in additional security measures, such as locking the sashes. Locking double-hung windows is especially useful if you have children.


The cost of double hung windows can vary based on several factors, including the type, size, and color of the window. The final cost will depend on the overall features of the window, as well as the company that supplies it. The best way to find out the total price of your new windows is to shop around. Take your time and compare different brands, as well as their pros and cons. The selection and quality of the windows will determine the overall cost, so choose wisely.

Double hung windows are one of the most popular types of windows on the market. The window frame is slim, and they can be installed in either a traditional or contemporary home. These windows provide the best ventilation and are suitable for air conditioners. Additionally, they are very low maintenance, and the tilting inwards make cleaning the exterior glass easier. If you decide to get new double hung windows, make sure to consider the costs of installation, material, and installation before you make the final decision.

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