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Buy Impact Windows offers impact-resistant and non-impact sliding glass patio and French-style hinged doors in vinyl and aluminum framed contemporary styles. Our doors combine high performance, superior craftsmanship, and a pleasing aesthetic.

Our hinged Swing and French Doors provide the most distinctive door system possible. This collection is unique in the industry for combining energy efficiency and structural stability. With cutting-edge technology and design, this door protects you from hurricanes, intruders, and high energy bills.

This door was developed and produced in Florida for coastal markets, and as you might expect, a hinged door takes a lot of extra engineering and structural support to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. So, despite their fashionable appearance and simple operation, our swinging hinged doors are built to last

What to Look for When Choosing impact Doors

Being a resident of a coastal community means being exposed to a diverse range of weather conditions, from hot, humid days to stormy nights. Whatever your location, whether you reside in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), on a hurricane-prone coastline, or in a town further inland, it is critical that you understand how to adequately safeguard your house from the threat of storms. Our impact-resistant solutions provide additional security and peace of mind no matter where you are, despite the fact that there are no truly hurricane 100% proof doors available.

What Is a Hurricane-Impact Door and How Does It Work?

In its most basic definition, a hurricane-impact door is a patio door that is equipped with unique safeguards that serve to protect your home against damage caused by a hurricane or tropical storm. Storm shutters and plywood are no longer necessary with impact-resistant patio doors; no additional storm preparation for your patio doors is required.   All you have to do is close and lock your door.  Impact  patio doors are built with stronger glass, panels, and frames than ordinary doors, and they are designed to withstand strong winds and impact from flying debris, meeting the stringent requirements of building codes such as those set forth by the Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance, among other organizations. Depending on whatever patio doors you choose, you may be certain of reliable protection, no matter where you live.

For further protection, the impact door has laminated glass or impact-resistant glass.

A sturdy glass option is one of the most critical considerations when purchasing a hurricane-impact door. While conventional glass may be destroyed by flying debris, laminated or impact-resistant glass can keep your home safe even if it is fractured or chipped in the process. Patio doors made of laminated glass have a strong polymer interlayer that helps to reinforce them. When a window or door is shattered, the interlayer holds it together, minimizing the amount of damage and injury that can be caused by wind, water, and debris entering your home. You may rely on laminated glass and impact-resistant glass, which are both available on a variety of vinyl and wood patio doors, to provide further safety for your home.

Impact door Frames that are strong and long-lasting to help protect your home from the elements

Another important component of efficient impact resistance door is a strong and lasting framework. Vinyl patio doors are built with several insulating air chambers that help to limit the flow of heat, allowing you to enjoy your house in greater comfort. Because proper installation is essential for optimal performance, some patio doors are sent with installation holes already pre-drilled, allowing for more exact installation, outstanding performance, and peace of mind during the installation process.

Our Hurricane Impact Doors Comply with Building Regulations

It’s critical to check any construction rules that may be in effect in your municipality to ensure that you’re purchasing the most appropriate impact-resistant door for your needs. Each hurricane impact door undergoes a thorough testing process, which includes being tested and rated in accordance with the Florida Building Code (which includes requirements for High Velocity Hurricane Zones) which are some of the most stringent guidelines for Hurricane resistance. The Florida Construction Code establishes criteria for all building materials, including hurricane windows and patio doors.

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